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In this section you can find diverse sorts of material. Please feel free to browse a bit and download whatever is beneficial to you and your ministry. 

Again – please note –  WINGS cannot guarantee for the exactness of the contents, but tries to be as thorough as possible.

Please feel free to send us material that could be beneficial to others.

Material from the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Cape Town

Please find the material that was provided for and in Cape Town 2010 on the website of the Lausanne Movement.  

Here you find the French Version of a foundational Text on the role of women in the Kingdom of God, written by Elke Werner. This text will also be provided in English.


This material can be understood as a compilation of many voices who are joining together to support Christian women in their ministry efforts. Contributors represent different views of women in ministry, but are united in their belief that God is calling His daughters to serve Him and to use their gifts for the benefit of the church of Jesus Christ and for the spread of His gracious kingdom on earth.

Copyright Statement:
The material was donated by various individuals and organizations who welcome you to distribute this material freely. We only ask that you respect the intent of this project by proper acknowledgment of authors and sources when distributing their work. If you choose to reprint or republish any of this material in another form or in other publications, please obtain prior permission where copyrights are indicated.