Logo: the Lausanne movement

What is WINGS?

As the name already suggests - Women IN God's Service - WINGS is an international ministry, supporting women who want to be used by God to make a difference in this world. 

What does Wings aim for?

WINGS was founded in 2007 by Elke Werner whithin the context of the Jesus-Gemeinschaft (Jesus-Community) e.V. in Marburg. WINGS aims to encourage women to engage in God's ministry. WINGS wants to support women in

  • finding faith in the living God - evangelism
  • providing the Biblical background for women in ministry - theological foundations
  • practicing their God-given gifts - training and coaching
  • enabling men and women to fulfill their God-given tasks - teambuilding
  • mentoring one another - establishment of national and international mentoring groups.

Elke Werner and her team of volunteers travel worldwide, wherever they are invited to speak and encourage local ministries. In Germany Elke is a popular speaker at evangelistic breakfast meetings. Internationally, she speaks at conferences or in churches. She also leads an international mentoring group and founded in cooperation with other female leaders and the Ring missionarischer Jugendbewegungen a national women's ministry called Prisca. Elke Werner is also a member of the board of World Vision Germany

What is the context of WINGS?

WINGS is linked to the Lausanne Movement. WINGS is interdenominational and is closesly associated to the World Evangelical Alliance.

WINGS engages with men and women whose ministry is growing out of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, founded on Biblical truths and who spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.